Grants and Awards

  • DFG research grant Asymmetries in presupposition projection and the nature of manning (2023-2026) – €445,547
  • AHRC-DFG research grant IDEAlISM: interactions between dynamic effects and alternative-based inferences (2021-2024) (with Yasutada Sudo, Clemens Mayr, Richard Breheny, Cornelia Ebert, and Markus Steinback) – £349,350 plus 394.206 euros.
  • Leevrhulme Trust research grant Alternatives in the foundations of a theory of implicit meaning (2019-2022) (with Richard Breheny, Nathan Klinedinst and Yasutada Sudo) – £185,016
  • Leverhulme Trust research grant Plural mass nouns as a window into linguistic variation (2016-2018) (with George Tsoulas and Raffaella Folli) – £134,267
  • Ulster University, Distinguished Research Fellowship, Faculty Champion – £2,500
  • British Academy small grant on the interaction between morphs-syntax and semantics/pragmatics. The case of Temporal Implicatures (PI) (2016-2017) (with Raffaella Folli and Yasutada Sudo) – £8,029
  • Big Lottery Fund Language made fun! Project in collaboration with Barnardo (2014-2019) – £27,000
  • Ulster University Research Challenge Fund, What is specifically linguistic in linguistic competence? (2-17-2018) (with Lynda Kennedy, Raffaella Folli, Sevdali, Christina, and Gerard, Juliana) – £22,300
  • Ulster University Research Challenge Fund, Bare nouns as a window into language variation (PI) (2015-2016) (with Raffaella Folli, Dora Alexopoulou and George Tsoulas) – £21,500
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