1. Testing theories of temporal inferences: evidence from child language (with Kane, Frances, Cremers, Alexandre, Tieu, Lyn, Kennedy, Lynda, Sudo, Yasutada, Folli, Raffaella) under review
  2. The abundance inference of pluralised mass nouns is an implicature: Evidence from Greek (with Agata Renans, Lyn Tieu, Margarita Makri, Hanna de Vries, Raffaella Folli and George Tsoulas) under review
  3. Likes and dislikes: Neg-raising and presuppositions (with Matt Mandelkern) under review
  4. On children’s variable success with scalar inferences: Insights from disjunction in the scope of a universal quantifier (with Elena Pagliarini, Cory Bill, Lyn Tieu, Stephen Crain) under review
  5. Vagueness and the derivation of implicatures (with Leffel, Timothy, Cremers, Alexandre, Gotzner, Nicole) under review
  6. Testing theories of plural meanings: Insight from acquisition (with Tieu, Lyn, Bill, Cory, and Crain, Stephen) under review
  7. Are some presuppositions scalar implicatures? Assessing evidence from Reaction Times (with Schwarz, Florian and Bill, Cory) under review
  8. The role of probability in the derivation of scalar inferences (with Chemla, Emmanuel) Ms ENS and Ulster University
  9. Two problems for the Generalised Scope Economy condition Ms Ulster University